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Important Beer Related News: It's the collaboration of the summer — Australian Brewery and Messina have teamed up to create a limited edition dulce de leche flavoured 'Gelato Ale'.

Source : PortMac.News | Retail :

Source : PortMac.News | Retail | News Story:

Dan Murphy's backs 'Dulce de leche' flavoured 'Gelato Ale'
Important Beer Related News: It's the collaboration of the summer — Australian Brewery and Messina have teamed up to create a limited edition dulce de leche flavoured 'Gelato Ale'.

Launching on December 1st, the summer season will be kicking off with a never-before-seen, deliciously refreshing beverage brought to you by the leaders in gelato making and craft beer brewing.

Renowned for producing consistently outstanding craft beers, Australian Brewery are currently riding a two-year gold medal strike rate for every award entered, including both domestic and international competitions.

Dulce de leche has become one of Messina's most popular gelato flavours in-store, so this innovative creation of dulce de leche beer is sure to be a game changer.

Brewed on-site in Rouse Hill, the complex malt character combined with the smooth and creamy nature of dulce de leche makes this Gelato Ale a crowd pleaser. 

When Australia banned the imports of dulce de leche from Argentina, Messina took on the enormous challenge of learning how to make authentic dulce de leche from scratch for their gelato.

After traveling to Argentina to perfect the art of making this delicacy through some broken 'Spanglish', along with the installation of a 'Palia' (the machine used to make it), Messina is proud to say they now make their own dulce de leche at their Rosebery HQ.

Daniel Shaw, Head Brewer of Australian Brewery, said, "We love working in collaboration with other brands and we couldn't have been happier with Messina who helped bring our idea to life.

Using the dulce de leche to create a flavour profile that pushes the limits of what a beer can taste like has been really exciting for our team!"

A special batch of Messina's in-house dulce de leche was used to produce the limited edition Gelato Ale.

Through a bit of trial and error, and a few iterations of the beer recipe, Australian Brewery and Messina have perfected the flavour profile of the Gelato Ale.

Despite the contrasting flavours and textures, the fruity tones of beer compliment the caramel-like flavours of dulce de leche. 

Donato Toce, Head Chef and Co-Owner of Messina, said, "To see our dulce de leche turned into a beer has been a really interesting process.

We're really happy with how it tastes – it's not too sweet but the dulce de leche still comes through in the flavour."

The limited edition Australian Brewery and Messina collaboration will be available in all Dan Murphy's, select BWS stores and other leading liquor retailers in NSW from December 1st.

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